A boot camp on “Lean Startup”.

A boot camp on “Lean Startup”.

All established businesses and products go through a development cycle –  from their inception until their culmination. A cycle which we, at Resolution Circle have compressed into 34 steps. From helping you define your idea, refining it, and testing it, to helping you with the business model and plan, funding, prototyping and manufacturing. Often, the cycle is a long and hard one, and without the right guidance and information, ideas and businesses never reach the market. Startup businesses are bound to go through this cycle with a lot of difficulty and failures.

Being a tech incubator, Resolution Circle recently facilitated a boot camp aimed at equipping startup businesses with the necessary skills for proper business management. This initiative was run by the Resolution Circle’s business development department, in partnership with Ignator, a company that helps startups and corporates build better products faster using lean startup, design thinking and new ways of working.

Experts, Andrew Roy, a startup acceleration and development specialist; Jon Chetwyd-Palmer, an innovation consultant, and Tebogo Khauoe, a growth marketer, lead the boot camp. They introduced Resolution Circle’s incubatees and business development interns to Lean Startup, innovation accounting and product messaging. 

The boot camp emphasised the importance of finding the truth behind problems, and that entrepreneurs need to ensure that there is a need for their product or service before launching it  to the market. Incubatees were also encouraged to experiment with different methods to find solutions to problems, such as LinkedIn sales navigator, Clearbit, etc. 

The purpose of the boot camp was to introduce budding entrepreneurs to the lean methodology, to help them understand the four pillars of lean and how to apply them in business. The three experts also touched on the mechanism of the customer discovery process, which includes problem and solution interviewing. Other topics covered were innovation accounting, digital marketing, social media as well as photography.

This boot camp was one of Resolution Circle’s many training and development activities that are focused on applied knowledge that provide economic value. We regularly expose budding entrepreneurs that are in our tech incubator acceleration programme to these kinds of networking and training events. We also offer them on-site support and expertise in law, engineering, marketing, and more, to fast track their product development cycle.

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