Magical Resolutions

Magical Resolutions

As a commercial company with a social mission, we impact many lives. Firstly, those of our staff and their families. Resolution Circle currently employs over 140 people, most of which have at least 1 to 4 dependents. That is nearly 400 people! Add to this the ±300 paid interns, and quickly you find that 1000 people live off Resolution Circle every month. But, that excludes the 1000+ people that have completed their internships at Resolution Circle and have moved on to find employment over the past 3 to 4 years. There is also the undefined number of jobs created by the ±100 startups that move in one way or the other through our doors. Truly, Resolution Circle is making an impact in the world around us!

Our vision is to move into Africa, ultimately creating a 100 Resolution Circle’s and developing an international commercialisation platform. This concept both scares and motivates me. We are now entering an era where we need to scale and create standard operating procedures. The key question should always be: “How do I solve this problem when it is 100x larger and it needs to be solved by people in locations I do not even know of?”

We as senior management have started on a journey to evaluate where we are, how we got here, and how to prepare for the next 5 to 10 years. This is no small deed, as our world is in such a flux, and will be so in the years to come. However, as an entrepreneurial company, serving entrepreneurs, I still believe we design the future we want for ourselves and our children.

We do this with a strong vision, motivated people, strong guiding principles, engineering change, and an attitude of humbleness and learning. The chaos we are currently experiencing in the world around us provides an opportunity for creativity and leadership. Although one should not purposefully create chaos, one should embrace the opportunity it presents. 

The emotional impact of chaos often paralyzes us instead of making us stronger as it should. We tend to search for the guilty and bestow blame on them, as if that would lessen the chaos. How we yearn for the stability of yesterday, but fail to see the opportunity tomorrow offers.

We should rather be asking what opportunity lies in this world of chaos so that we can create new value. For me, chaos is the river between today and a better future; with creativity, leadership and execution as the bridge to cross this river. One should never waste a good opportunity for leadership and value creation. 

We as a species are programmed to focus on what is wrong, the danger, and the negative. It is a survival instinct that was programmed into us. But if we focus on the negative long enough, it becomes all we see. Sure, there are things that need fixing, and fixing we shall do. But, that does not mean that that is all there is. I often walk around the building, and have never walked through without picking up so many positive things from talking to people about what they do. I am still amazed at this company, its people, what they do, what it does, and what it has achieved.

Every job has a repetitive part to it, but every now and again, magic happens. You design something you feel proud of, a specific event goes well beyond your expectations… Please, we want to know about it. Tell us, take a photo, share it with us. 

With this newsletter, we hope to provide regular feedback and overviews of whats happening. Such a newsletter takes a lot of work, and my plea is that each of you contribute at some point in time. 

By sharing your magic, it becomes our magic, and we can create more magic. And that creates a magical place to work in. 

– Prof Willem Clarke