Plantation Road Renovation

Plantation Road Renovation

Resolution Circle recently showcased its versatility and broad scope when it undertook a project to renovation of two houses located in the city of Johannesburg’s plantation road in Auckland Park.

The property is owned by the University of Johannesburg, but it was used as a rehabilitation centre before it was refurbished. Resolution Circle’s project manager Etienne Kirsten described the house as dilapidated, dirty and nonfunctional before the refurbishment.

With ample experience in construction, Kirsten and site manager Nick Smuts, took it upon themselves to train a team that will complete the project and similar projects in future, while electricians and plumbers were sourced within the company. Resolution Circle did not merely slap paint on the walls, “it was basically rebuilding” said Smuts.

The property was converted into technology transfer offices and innovation labs called “The Think Tank”. These premises are aimed at converting technological advances into marketable goods and services. The office space will be permanently occupied by UJ staff  and the labs will be rented out to various incubates..

Looking at the before and after pictures, it is hard to believe the outcome of this project because the premises underwent a total transformation. Through the Plantation Road project, Resolution Circle has proved to be competent in the field of construction and civil engineering; and having trained people that are now part of the company, resolution circle is looking forward to completing similar projects in future.