Huge Software and Technologies introduces its own fixed-wireless technology for making telephone calls

Huge Software and Technologies introduces its own fixed-wireless technology for making telephone calls

Huge Software and Technologies, a sister company of Huge Telecom – the provider of full suite telephony services to corporate organisations and residential homes – has successfully developed its own fixed-wireless router for making telephone calls and is fittingly calling this device the Huge Router.

 The Huge Router is a device specially developed to carry calls to the radios of various mobile network operators in conjunction with a SIM card.  It is able to completely emulate a standard telephone line, allowing it to make outbound telephone calls and receive inbound telephone calls.

 Resolution Circle, a subsidiary company of the University of Johannesburg, was briefed to manufacture the printed circuit boards (PCBs) of the Huge Router. Engineers at Resolution Circle agreed to provide Huge Software and Technologies with a turnkey solution, including the manufacture of the printed circuit boards, the assembly of the Huge Router and the packaging.  The Huge Router has already been installed at clients.

A PCB is an electronic circuit consisting of thin strips of a conducting material such as copper, which have been etched from a layer fixed to a flat insulating sheet, and to which integrated circuits and other components are attached.  They are often green in colour and you find them in electronic equipment like cell phones, radios, laptops and televisions.  They differ according to size, specifications and requirements.  Some PCBs require extensive specialist skills to create, particularly when radio frequency (RF) interactions are involved – as is the case with the Huge Router.

 According to Dr Wiehan Le Roux, Group Senior Manager, Engineering at Resolution Circle “It takes us approximately 30 minutes to assemble and package the Huge Router – 12 minutes to surface mount the components onto the PCB, 5 minutes to inspect the surface mount quality, 10 minutes to test the PCB and assemble the router and 3 minutes to package it.”

 A Business Development Manager within the Huge Group of companies, Rajen Pillay, says, “The Huge router replaces fixed line infrastructure over the last mile and eliminates the risk of the negative impact of copper cable theft, which is a common occurrence in South Africa. It made perfect sense for us to acquire the intellectual property behind the Huge Router, which we did over a year ago, and to perfect it in-house with the assistance of Resolution Circle. This has given us a double benefit: first, complete control over our last mile network and second, favourable cost reductions.

 The “last mile” is a term commonly used to describe the physical connection between a customer and a telephone network.  The importance of the last mile is that whoever owns it, owns the service delivery to the customer.  This is the underlying strength of the Huge Telecom business model: Huge Telecom has over the past 24 years built a significant last mile network.

 Huge Software and Technologies has received widespread market acceptance of the Huge Router from its reseller network of Business Partners, with very positive feedback having been received on the overall quality and functionality of the Huge Router.

 Huge Software and Technologies has also commissioned Resolution Circle to develop the successor to the Huge Router, which will incorporate 3G technology and connectivity to the GSM networks as well as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology to the PABX.