More than just experiential learning

More than just experiential learning

As a company that was established as a platform to provide experiential learning to engineering students through technology commercialisation. We feel very honoured to be picked among other worthy companies that do the same to receive a merit award for the attainment of a standard of excellence in our participation and practice of co-operative education.

Resolution Circle offers electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering students the opportunity to complete their practical 1 and 2 courses by enrolling as learner employees. As a technology incubation company, we are mainly focused in the research and development space, which exposes our work integrated learning interns to inventions and real-world problems that they get to solve with the help of our expert engineers.

Some of the projects in which we have exposed our interns to include, the Kruger National Park megawatt solar farm installation, the creation of the heart shaped 2017 Fak’ugesi Festival pass PCB, and their very own solar installation course. They have also had a few projects of their own, one of them being our 2016 P1 interns manufacturing and installing 455 micro workstations in underutilised areas in the University of Johannesburg campuses, where they created much-needed additional small-group study areas for students.

More than 70% of the 600 students we train annually enter the workforce right after their time with us, while some of them choose to further their studies. We value every student that considers getting experiential learning from Resolution Circle, and with every intake, we strive to develop every intern entrepreneurially, personally, professionally, and technically, giving them knowledge and skills that they can take into the industry.

To find out more about our other training courses, please send an email to who will be very happy to assist you in finding the perfect course for you.