Different worlds, new perspectives

Different worlds, new perspectives

“Students learn by seeing”, said Amy Harris, a Professor of management, and director of graduate business programmes, MBA, EMBA and MS degrees at the University of Tampa, Sykes College of Business in the United States. That is what the university’s MBA programme aims to achieve by giving students the opportunity to visit different countries and tap into what is happening there as part of their educational journey.


During their stay in South Africa, the students visited Resolution Circle on January 08, 2018.  Entrepreneurs working in our tech incubator, got the chance to pitch their innovative products and received instant feedback from the visiting students. Ditebogo Rametse, one of our entrepreneurs, described it as getting free advice from a consultant that has industry expertise and corporate experience.

These contact sessions between entrepreneurs and visiting students from other countries are Resolution Circle’s way of guiding our entrepreneurs’ personal growth and expertise. The students give local entrepreneurs new perspectives and added value to their ideas, while using the opportunity to learn more about what they are studying in our local African environment. Juan Sotomayor, a recent MBA graduate focusing on entrepreneurship said that, “we could end up helping one another. I could add a unique perspective coming from a 1st world environment, and they could do the same”.

Resolution Circle was established to assist entrepreneurs to take their innovative products to market within a dedicated research, design and manufacturing support space. When asked what she thought about the company, Amy Harris replied that it was “fascinating”. She was impressed with our focus on establishing successful companies that will create new jobs in the process.  What impressed her more, was our ability to create a sustainable company that has over the last number of years itself experienced what it was trying to help its clients achieve.

If you are trying to bring your innovative tech orientated idea to life, Resolution Circle can help you get it from idea-to-barcode™. Contact Corrie Smit at corries@resolutioncircle.co.za  for more information.