In today’s hyper competitive job market, experience is a must-have on every job applicant’s résumé. Resolution Circle comes to the rescue of engineering undergraduates to ensure that they hit the ground running once they enter the industry. This is achieved by offering work and leadership experience through a Work Integrated Learning programme.

With greater acknowledgement that learning takes place beyond the restrictions of a classroom, Resolution Circle has created an environment where theory and practice integrate. A place where students learn from experienced engineers and technicians by working with them in real-world projects –enabling them to become work-ready.

Matome Malete, a student who is currently studying Mechanical engineering at the University of Johannesburg and busy with his Practical 1 at Resolution Circle, gave insight into the programme. From office etiquette, to managing time and gaining knowledge from hands-on training, he is confident that the programme is preparing him and his peers for the workplace in the best way possible.

“I have learned how a workplace operates, who manages what, and how to network with the different people I have been exposed to. The programme is preparing me well to understand the importance of deadlines in the workplace and make sure that I’m applying myself in the best manner to carry out projects and complete them on time. Lastly, the most valuable experience has been the hands-on work I’ve been exposed to. I have been able to apply the theory learned in university modules to real life problems and truly understand the programmes and tools that aid in the professional world” he said.

The programme offers a holistic approach to the 6 main sub-disciplines within engineering, which include fitting and turning, carpentry, electrical, electronics, automation and boilermaking. Therefore, students learn how to properly operate machines, and handle instruments.

“The biggest thing for me since I joined Resolution Circle is learning the importance of budget, the proper usage and operation of machines and using the instruments in a proper way.” Matome said. In terms of budget, Matome referred to dimensions. He explained that getting the dimensions of a design wrong affects the budget negatively.

After his time at our small-scale manufacturing facility in Doornfontein, Johannesburg, Matome says he is looking forward to being sought after by big companies in the industry because of his skills; and although he plans on studying further, Matome said, “I believe I would cope with projects after completing my practicals. Before joining Resolution Circle, I didn’t know how to manage tasks, I am confident now that I will hit the ground running when I enter the industry”.

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