We live in an era where the need to sustainably meet energy needs with the use of renewable energy sources is essential. Not only in our homes, but in different industries as well. This is what the National Department of Tourism in collaboration with the South African National Parks sought to do when it developed a project that consists of two grid-tied solar PV (photovoltaics) systems. These systems are to provide electricity to the park’s Skukuza and Lower Sabie rest camps.

Resolution Circle together with EE Pro Energy Solutions formed a Joint Venture (JV) to submit a tender for the abovementioned PV Plants.  It was awarded the contract as the Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) Contractor and through key partnerships with industry experts including BDE Consulting Electrical Engineers, Quebec Electrical Contractors, Schletter and i-Eco Solar, Resolution Circle began the journey of installing its first mega-watt solar farm.

The combined experience in the JV allowed us to successfully manage and execute the project from the design to construction phases leading into the operation & maintenance stage.  As a result, the client, as the end user, acquired an asset which will continue to make a positive contribution to its renewable objectives.

In addition to involving the team’s experienced project managers, financial managers and engineers, we were able to provide a unique learning opportunity to junior technicians as well as our P2 Work Integrated Learning Programme (WIL) interns.  The WIL interns gained real life project experience and were involved in AC and DC cabling, connections, inverter installation and connection, PV module installation, module stringing, Field Distribution Board wiring, as well as tying into the mini-substation.  Bafana Pelo, a junior technician, defined it as “mind opening and exciting”.

Construction of the Lower Sabie Plant commenced in July and was completed in August, 2017 with commissioning of the plant completed in November 2017.  Design and Construction of the Skukuza Plant is still underway and estimated to be complete in April 2018.

The Lower Sabie plant will generate a total of 537.6-Kilowatt peak while the Skukuza plant will generate a total of 844-Kilowatt peak.  This capacity, in conjunction with other initiatives by SANParks, will positively contribute to supplying renewable energy to its facilities and infrastructure and ultimately reduce its overall energy consumption footprint.

If you have a green outlook on how you do business, Resolution circle can provide you with end-to-end solar solutions that will improve your power efficiency. Whether it is an off-grid system, grid tied system, or grid tied backup system, we can conceptualise your project, bring it to life and leave you with an asset you can manage successfully with ease. Contact Retief Swart on +27 10 020 3370 or retief@webview.co.za/resolutioncircle for a consultation.