“60 percent of millennials consider themselves entrepreneurs and 90 percent recognise entrepreneurship as a mentality” – this is according to Britt Hysen, editor of Millennial magazine. The normal 9 to 5 is evidently not for this generation that is giving rise to side hustles, brand influencing, disruptive thinking, innovation, technology and freelancing.

One millennial who didn’t go the 9 to 5 route is Marshall Khoza. Born and raised in Mtititi – a small village in the outskirts of Limpopo, the millennial entrepreneur says that his interest in technology stems from a computer his mother bought when he was just 13 years old.

Marshall, who holds a degree in Bcom Informatics from the University of Pretoria, explained that students are conditioned to think “job” during their studies. That was however, not the case with him. Upon discovering his passion for entrepreneurship just a year ago during his internship at Resolution Circle, under the guidance of business development expert – Gideon Potgieter; Marshall immediately went from intern to business owner.

His journey began after he and three other graduates who were part of the internship programme participated in the MIT global start up labs SA programme. The quartet went on to create Marvins co. a company that offers IT solution services in software development (mobile & desktop Apps), web design, SEO/ online marketing, IT support and graphic design.

“A lot has happened in a very short time. It’s been challenging but also fun” he said, “I just try to enjoy the ride”. Marshall’s journey comprises of him starting the business in the middle of an internship; funding the business in a rather unorthodox way, difficulty with developing a business model, difficulty with getting people to support the business model, and all his partners leaving to pursue other opportunities.

Despite all this, he stuck to his guns and kept on working on the business. He is now collaborating with two corporates, has six clients, developing an App for a big investment company and mentoring graduate interns who are part of this year’s graduate programme at Resolution circle. Like Marshall said himself: entrepreneurship requires passion, – if you don’t have passion you will most likely give up when times get hard.

If you are interested in any of the services Marvins Co. offers, visit http://www.mavinsco.co.za/ or contact Marshal Khoza on mailto:info@mavinsco.co.za or 081 400 9563.