Resolution Circle Work Integrated Learning programme continues to expose learner-employees to the real world of work experience and evaluating their experiential learning. The company has built a strong partnership with universities to promote the growth of work-based learning opportunities and produce workplace ready diplomats.

Resolution Circle’s group senior manager for Business Incubation & Internships, Mr. Sibusiso Shange, says the work integrated learning was designed to integrate academic learning with its application in the workplace. This is a 12-month industry exposure, which is split into two practical parts: P1 (6 months) and P2 (6 months).

“In P1, students learn basic hand tooling through 6 trades (Fitting and Turning, Carpentry, Electrical, Electronics, Automation and Boilermaking). P2 it’s an application of everything they have learnt in P1, as they work on commercial projects. Once they complete the 12 months training, students submit their logbook to their respective universities for accreditation. Institutions award students with their National Diploma qualifications upon completion of both practicals (P1& P2) and all their theoretical modules.” says Sibusiso.  

P1 intern, Jerome Mbeche, shared his journey with us at Resolution Circle’s small-scale manufacturing facility, which is situated at the University of Johannesburg Doornfontein Campus. He demonstrated the principles of an electronic circuit utilising pneumatics.

He says pneumatic systems in the automation industry offers the advantage of providing operators with cleaner and safer working conditions, while maintaining a relatively high production efficiency, in contrast to other systems.

Jerome is studying an Electrical Engineering diploma at the University of Johannesburg. When choosing engineering as a field of study, Jerome says he was inspired by his ability to do designs and calculations. He believes the field to be something that can change the quality of life in his community.

“I am naturally inclined towards doing calculations, designing and building systems therefore at the time, it felt like the logical thing to do. In the end, I believe engineering chose me”.


Jerome says they are given tasks every day which makes them confident and ready to take on the industry. He says his career goal is to further his studies in Electrical engineering and eventually become an experienced professional in the Engineering industry.

 He added that one of the inventions he wishes to have invented in the engineering sector is a transistor, which is the building block of almost all the electrical devices.

To help you develop your technical expertise and acquire the advanced skills important to take on the engineering industry, visit for Work Integrated Learning opportunities available at Resolution Circle.