In our endeavor to train, develop and enhance the skills of those willing, Resolution Circle has just embarked on a futuristic series of the development of embedded electronics towards mechatronics and other industry-based short trainings. One of these new developments will open doors to automatic systems using open source processors such as Arduino.

The term “open source” refers to something that people can edit and share. This is because its design is accessible to the public. Arduino is part of this broad concept as an electronic portal for the simulation and implementation of some embedded systems.

Open source projects and initiatives are based on the principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping and transparency in community development. This is now a reality in communities or student groups interested in electronics, hobby enthusiasts, embedded electronics engineers and technicians.

In this futuristic course, students are introduced to the big picture of their first steps in this world of electronics. We train using the best quality instruments and study material, presented by highly professional instructors. Our students will engage in exercises and practicals that will make learning Arduino at Resolution Circle fun and interesting.

During our sessions, we place a strong emphasis on passing on the knowledge of our instructors to our learners. Evaluations are supervised by qualified individuals who are thought leaders in the electronic space and are motivated by the passion to pass on knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

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