Training Course
Lathe Machine Operation

Learn Manual Lathe Turning skills.

About the Course:
The course aims to introduce a technically minded individual into the world of machining. The course utilises hands-on practical training methodology. The training is facilitated and supervised by qualified instructors and endeavours to up-skill and enable participants to continue to the CNC Lathe Training Course.

  • Duration:  5 Days from 8:00 am – 16:00 pm

  • Price: R5,000.00 incl. VAT.

  • Contact: Rhouna Malefane | Tel: +27 10 020 3779
    Mobile: +27 72 591 4573 | Email:

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What will you learn:

  • Handling modern machinery related cutting tools

  • Calculating correct speeds and feeds

  • Thread Cuttings

  • Measuring workpieces correctly

Who will benefit from this course

  • Technicians
  • Hobby makers
  • Any participant welcome

Course dates:


    This course is not yet accredited.