Training Course
Optic Fibre Technicians Course

About the Course:
The comprehensive 5-day course gives you the necessary skills for the installation, maintenance and testing of optic fibre cabling systems in a safe and competent manner. Participants learn and understand the importance of optic fibre links, the selection of optic fibre cables for the respective applications and the widely accepted installation standards in the optic fibre industry.

Duration:  5 Days from 8:00 am – 16:00 pm
R8,500.00 incl. VAT.

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Who will benefit from this course:

  • Project managers

  • Technicians

  • Engineers and

  • Fibre Installers

What will you learn

  • Select appropriate fibre for different applications,
  • Make connectors using the epoxy polish method to EIA/TIA standards and test them thereafter,
  • Install fibre optic links,
  • Test fibre optic cable for EIA/TIA acceptable losses,
  • Utilise fibre optic test equipment including:
  • Optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR),
  • Visual fault locator,
  • Light source and
  • Power meter.
  • Perform and test mechanical and fusion splices to EIA/TIA standards,
  • Identify and specify components for a fibre optic links,
  • Budget for losses in optic fibre systems,
  • Utilise attenuators to adjust power levels (DBM) at the receiver.

Course dates:

  • 02-06 September 2019

  • 07-11 October 2019

  • 25-29 November 2019


  • University of Johannesburg,

  • FTTX Council of Africa