There are countless advantages of using solar, especially if you are in the Southern Africa region – where there is sunshine all year round. However, for many households and businesses, going completely off-grid or supplementing conventional energy with solar will not be easy. This is because a new and rapidly growing market often breeds a few shady “experts” and practices.

That is why SAPVIA, the South African Photo Voltaic Industry Association, is developing an assessment that is in line with the latest electrical code. This assessment will give the owners of residential properties and small industrial applications the advantage of getting a Green Card for their solar installations.
A Green Card (issued by a SAPVIA certified installer or contractor) protects the consumer against unscrupulous “technicians” who install inferior products or have poor workmanship.

The SANS 10142-X, a code covering the requirements and standards to follow for PV installations will be released soon. When this happens, it will be a legal requirement for all grid tied connections of solar installations to be registered and to conform to the new code.
A meeting of the examination committee was recently held at SARETEC in Cape Town, under the backings of GreenCape and Ursula Wellmann – a stakeholder and skills manager involved in the SAPVIA program.

As a training hub that currently offers a comprehensive 5-day super solar school in partnership with Maxx Solar Academy, Resolution Circle is proud to be one of the first assessment centres in the country. We have already trained and tested three groups of solar technicians who are ready for the job at hand.

Resolution Circle will soon be visited by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce and other industrial partners to further develop the programme. An awareness campaign with international support will also be launched to increase public awareness.

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