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Resolution Circle (PTY) Ltd, is a training hub that prides itself on providing experiential learning opportunities to undergraduate electrical and mechanical engineering students from universities of technology, practical in-service project training, various short-learning and candidacy programmes applicable to the ever-changing world of engineering and engineering technology. It is 100% owned by the University of Johannesburg.

Training and skills development activities are focused on applied knowledge that will provide economic value for the student who needs experience, and the professional who chooses to learn a new skill alike.
Our vision is not to compete in the industry, but rather to support and enable the industry by equipping it with knowledgeable, well trained individuals.

Should your company be in a position to consider sponsoring these candidates through your SD, ESD or SED budget please contact

Rhouna Malefane: rhounam@resolutioncircle.co.za or

Refiloe Sello:  refiloes@resolutioncircle.co.za

Candidate Completion of P2 Programme

Resolution Circle is proud to present the following candidates to receive sponsorship towards the completion of their P2 Programme.

These candidates have, in completing their P1, demonstrated the right level of technical apti-tude, behavioural and work readiness fitness.

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